Neurofeedback is basically a method used to train patterns of brain waves. As a matter of fact, it is potentially advantageous in several instances which are tough to treat, including depression, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and PMS. In addition to that, neurofeedback has been most recently used by health users to boost their mood as well as enhance cognitive performance.

Biofeedback training is actually a growing trend in the healthcare industry, where individuals are hook up to gadgets for measuring various aspects of bodily functions in order to see how these practices are happening in real time. With that being said, people can be trained to control the way the processes are being carried out. Neurofeedback, on the other hand, is a certain type of biofeedback training that is based on the thought that individuals can consciously change the way how their brains function with a series of training programs which help them to learn and visualize to alter the brain’s electrical activity patterns.

Kinds of Neurofeedback Training

Every neurofeedback method involves visualizing and measuring brain’s activity patterns so that the client can learn gradually how to alter the way their brain performs. There are a lot of different types of neurofeedback trainings which all of them target different aspects of the brain’s activity.


  • Slow Cortical Potentials
  • Frequency Band Training or Brain Wave Training

In hemoencephalography training, clients learn to control consciously the blood flow level to various parts of a brain, that can suppress or enhance various mental processes which depend on the different areas of the brain being targeted. Having said that, feedback is actually based on infrared light which measures the heat produced by the activation of brain and oxygenated blood levels or that measures only the oxygenated blood levels.

In slow cortical training, on the other hand, clients learn how to control the overall levels of activity (or sometimes termed as excitability) of the brain’s cerebral cortex because it responds to various stimuli. Also, the feedback uses the EEG or the electroencephalography in order to measure the brain’s electrical activity.

However, the most famous type of neurofeedback training is the frequency band training or brain wave training, which there are several protocols (for every brain wave frequency). Furthermore, EEG is utilized to measure various patterns of the brain’s electrical activity. This method also trains clients to decrease or increase the speed or strength of the brain waves.

In order to understand how the neurofeedback works, knowing brain waves is very important. a brain is made of billions of neurons that are all constantly firing altogether in various waves or patterns.

Frequencies can be then classified into various categories. Every frequency band such as the alpha or beta, is associated with various certain emotional and cognitive brain processes. It means that if you know and understand how to decrease or increase the speed or strength of particular brain waves, you can consciously control over the brain processes and react to various events and sensations. TO know more about neurofeedback Las Vegas, contact a professional.