Are you extremely annoyed with your small kitchen? Are you planning to completely get rid of it and start your remodel from scratch? 

Unluckily, not all people have the space or the budget for the kitchen that they desire. However, you should not worry if you’re one of these people. There are still a lot of things you can do to improve your small kitchen.  

An excellent way to make your space feel bigger is to use optical illusions when it comes to small kitchen designs.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of ideas you can incorporate with your small kitchen remodel to make it feel bigger.  

Incorporate Geometric Patterns 

For small kitchens, geometric patterns are becoming a huge trend. Aside from being an enjoyable element to integrate, geometric patterns also add depth, texture, and can create the illusion of making your kitchen appear bigger.  

You can use kitchen accessories, such as a floor runner to incorporate geometric shapes. You can also use wallpaper, tile, and more. 

However, you should be cautious about adding too many of them. You can make your kitchen appear messy if you incorporate a lot of them.  

Add Mirrored Surfaces or Mirrors  

Mirrors can reflect light. This will provide the illusion that your small kitchen is bigger since it can open a space. You can install a mirror or a highly-reflective backsplash in your kitchen.  

If your kitchen has a dining space, you can also add a mirror to make it appear larger. Aside from that, it’s also a great feng shui practice. According to experts, having a mirror in the dining room can help enhance your capability of holding wealth.  

Integrate Creative Painting Strategies 

Painting your kitchen is perhaps the most affordable and easiest solution for a kitchen remodel. You can utilize paint to create an illusion of more space, coziness, and drama in the room.  

A couple of ways to utilize paint to make your small kitchen appear bigger include: 

  • Keep the ceiling white 
  • Avoid matte paint 
  • Add pops of color behind a bold accent wall or open shelving 
  • Stick with neutral and light colors 
  • Paint upper cabinets a lighter color and bottom cabinets a darker color (this helps you create the illusion of height)  

Add Open Shelving and/or Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass 

You can make it appear like you’ve got more space if you replace cabinets with open shelving and/or add glass doors to old cabinets. However, you need to keep your shelves free of the clutter that might make your kitchen appear small and messy.  

A couple of ways to make open shelving or glass cabinet doors work in your kitchen include: 

  • Make your kitchen functional by placing items in the higher area if you don’t use them frequently. You should place frequently-used items close at hand. 
  • Balance bigger and smaller items 
  • Follow a color palette 

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, make sure you hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor for help. You might struggle if you choose a DIY approach.