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Is It Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Almost every homeowner is aware that a kitchen remodel isn’t a minor project to take on. You will have to invest thousands of dollars if you want to remodel your kitchen. Aside from that, you probably won’t be able to live in your house during the project. That’s why most homeowners try to ignore a kitchen remodeling project. 

Are you one of those homeowners who is having a hard time deciding whether or not you should remodel your kitchen? Well, don’t worry because we are here to help.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a kitchen remodel. 

Your Kitchen is Difficult to Clean 

Perhaps one of the messiest areas in your house is your kitchen. If you’re having a hard time making your kitchen look clean and smell fresh, it’s probably time for a kitchen remodel. Kitchens will appear dirty all the time if they’re all worn out. The only way to stop this is to renovate it.  

Your kitchen’s surfaces are vital. You should be able to clean them easily. These surfaces can start accumulating dirt and food particles when they wear out. That is why they’ll constantly appear dirty.  

You can make your kitchen easy to clean if you install new counters, backsplashes, cabinets, and floors that have impermeable finishes. 

Your Kitchen Appears Dark 

A professional chef requires a bright kitchen when preparing meals. It can be extremely difficult to cook and prepare meals if you have poor lighting in your kitchen. It can also be dangerous since you’re handling hot and sharp objects when preparing dishes.  

If you think that you can solve this problem by just installing a new light fixture, then you’re wrong. If you want to have a well-lit kitchen, you need to add more light sources. This includes windows, skylights, and more.  

You Always Bump with Each Other 

You might have a hard time preparing meals in your kitchen if there are too many people inside it. You should consider remodeling your kitchen if you notice that you’re always bumping with each other when there’s more than one person in the kitchen.  

Reimagining the space is the only way to prevent the issue of a cramped kitchen. You might have to increase the space of your kitchen, which is a major project. It will be a huge improvement to your house if you fix your kitchen to allow for more individuals.  

Cluttered Cabinets 

You might need to add more storage space in your kitchen if you’re always sifting through kitchen rags and storage lids to find what you need.  

Though kitchen cabinets are made to last for many years, they may become too small for your needs as time passes by. This is particularly true if you have a growing family. You can make your kitchen more efficient if you add more storage space. Cabinets are a crucial component of your kitchen. They should help you make things easier.  

Typically, kitchen cabinets make up around 50% of the overall cost of a kitchen remodel. Thus, make sure you plan your kitchen remodel well.  

How to Maximize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Oftentimes, people incorporate the word “cozy” into rooms that are small, quaint, and charming. Unfortunately, small spaces can also be extremely frustrating and claustrophobic. This is particularly true if you don’t design them properly.  

Your kitchen is a crucial part of your home. It helps set the tone of your house. It can be a bit frustrating to have a small kitchen that has little-to-no space. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your small kitchen a bit cozy and avoid clutter. A creative design will help you save space while also creates a welcoming and relaxed environment.  

If you want to maximize the space in your kitchen, here are a couple of kitchen remodel tips you can follow: 

Use Lighting Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

This method doesn’t help you save space. However, it will help your kitchen appear bigger. Natural light is a great element that offers a lot of advantages. This includes making your space appear bigger.  

Unfortunately, there are several cases where you can’t add a skylight or a window to your kitchen. Don’t worry. You can still make your kitchen appear bigger by adding lighting fixtures that will brighten up space.  

You can overpower a small kitchen if you pick a lighting fixture that’s too big. An excellent option to consider is recessed lighting.  

Utilize a Portable Island 

In general, small kitchens don’t have the space for a kitchen island. Luckily, there are portable kitchen islands that you can move around. Portable islands also include storage within them. Thus, there are additional drawers to store your belongings.  

Attach a Fold Down Table 

A fold-down table is an ideal method to use if your kitchen is too small for a kitchen table. It will help you create a dining area when needed. You can put it away easily if you don’t need it anymore.  

Install a Pot Rack 

Installing a pot rack is another storage solution you should consider. This is particularly true if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen. You can display your pots by hanging them either from the ceiling or the wall. Aside from lowering clutters in cabinets and on counters, various forms of racks will complement any form of design style so your cooking appliances can improve your kitchen’s aesthetics.  

Install Shelves in Unused Areas 

You can improve the storage space in your kitchen if you add shelving in unused places. This includes the area above your sink. 

Install Floor to Ceiling Cabinets 

You can use the entire wall of your kitchen if you incorporate floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This will help you add more storage space and use wasted space.  

Add Storage to the Side of the Fridge 

Typically, the side of a fridge ends up being a dead space in your small kitchen. If you want to be efficient, you can add cabinets on the side of it. You can utilize these cabinets for items such as canned goods or spices. This will help you avoid clutter in your shelves and cabinets.  

Making Your Small Kitchen Feel Big

Are you extremely annoyed with your small kitchen? Are you planning to completely get rid of it and start your remodel from scratch? 

Unluckily, not all people have the space or the budget for the kitchen that they desire. However, you should not worry if you’re one of these people. There are still a lot of things you can do to improve your small kitchen.  

An excellent way to make your space feel bigger is to use optical illusions when it comes to small kitchen designs.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of ideas you can incorporate with your small kitchen remodel to make it feel bigger.  

Incorporate Geometric Patterns 

For small kitchens, geometric patterns are becoming a huge trend. Aside from being an enjoyable element to integrate, geometric patterns also add depth, texture, and can create the illusion of making your kitchen appear bigger.  

You can use kitchen accessories, such as a floor runner to incorporate geometric shapes. You can also use wallpaper, tile, and more. 

However, you should be cautious about adding too many of them. You can make your kitchen appear messy if you incorporate a lot of them.  

Add Mirrored Surfaces or Mirrors  

Mirrors can reflect light. This will provide the illusion that your small kitchen is bigger since it can open a space. You can install a mirror or a highly-reflective backsplash in your kitchen.  

If your kitchen has a dining space, you can also add a mirror to make it appear larger. Aside from that, it’s also a great feng shui practice. According to experts, having a mirror in the dining room can help enhance your capability of holding wealth.  

Integrate Creative Painting Strategies 

Painting your kitchen is perhaps the most affordable and easiest solution for a kitchen remodel. You can utilize paint to create an illusion of more space, coziness, and drama in the room.  

A couple of ways to utilize paint to make your small kitchen appear bigger include: 

  • Keep the ceiling white 
  • Avoid matte paint 
  • Add pops of color behind a bold accent wall or open shelving 
  • Stick with neutral and light colors 
  • Paint upper cabinets a lighter color and bottom cabinets a darker color (this helps you create the illusion of height)  

Add Open Shelving and/or Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass 

You can make it appear like you’ve got more space if you replace cabinets with open shelving and/or add glass doors to old cabinets. However, you need to keep your shelves free of the clutter that might make your kitchen appear small and messy.  

A couple of ways to make open shelving or glass cabinet doors work in your kitchen include: 

  • Make your kitchen functional by placing items in the higher area if you don’t use them frequently. You should place frequently-used items close at hand. 
  • Balance bigger and smaller items 
  • Follow a color palette 

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, make sure you hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor for help. You might struggle if you choose a DIY approach.  

Upgrading the Kitchen in a Rental Property

The kitchen is one of the first areas renters inspect when they check a rental property. They probably won’t rent the property if the kitchen doesn’t meet their expectations.  

Nowadays, the kitchen isn’t just for eating and preparing meals. People also utilize the kitchen as an area where their loved ones gather to bond and talk. Oftentimes, people entertain guests in their kitchen. 

That is why a lot of landlords have been looking for ways to upgrade their kitchens. If you’re a landlord and you want to improve your kitchen, there are a couple of things you have to think about.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several things you have to consider when you’re planning a kitchen remodel for your rental property. 

Paint the Walls 

The colors of your walls have to bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Always keep in mind that your tenants will move in with their accessories, such as curtains and blinds. Make sure you color your kitchen in a way that will match every single item they have.  

That is why you should always choose neutral colors when painting the walls. A lot of professionals recommend this. It does not matter what color the tenant’s accessories are. They will always appear beautiful with neutral colors in your kitchen.  

Modernize Your Cabinets 

If you’re upgrading your cabinets, you have to be extremely tactical. Make sure you’re using plywood for cabinets under the sink. This area is often exposed to water. Thus, you need a material that will not break down and swell. 

Offer enough storage in your kitchen. The cabinets should have a lot of drawers. In addition to that, the cabinets should reach the ceiling. It should be tall. This will help maximize storage space and lower the surface area for dust.  

It’s also important to consider the material you use for the cabinets. A lot of professionals recommend textured melamine. The reason for this is that it’s resistant to stains, heat, and moisture.  

Just like the walls, make sure you use neutral colors for the cabinets. It will complement every accessory of your tenant. If you choose a dark color, you’re going to make your kitchen appear gloomy and dull. 

Install Energy-Efficient and Modern Appliances 

If you want your kitchen to stand out, you need to have amazing appliances. Professionals recommend that you invest in them wisely. Pick mid-range appliances. You may attract tenants with high-end appliances. However, most of them might not be able to afford the rent. Also, you might have to replace the appliances soon if you go for low-end models. The reason for this is that cheap appliances deteriorate quicker.  

Think about energy efficiency when installing new appliances. Potential tenants will love the fact that they will have lower energy bills when they rent your property. In addition to that, you should consider built-in appliances.  

You should also consider upgrading your appliances from gas to electric. If you do this, you won’t have to reroute gas lines. Furthermore, it also lowers the risk of fire outbreaks.  

What Mistakes Have You Made with Your House?

It is very hard to admit that we made some mistakes when it comes to renovating our home. We always believed that we are the homeowner, and we know what’s right and wrong for our own home. This is a common mindset that we should get rid of, and keep in mind that we always need to improve our house because we want to cater to the possible value of this property. When someone wants to buy your home, it is not because you’re selling this one at a very low price, but because of the design, structure, and effort, you put in here. 

The next time you have a kitchen remodel, you have to think twice or many times before doing a certain action. The reason why is that you don’t want to make mistakes and to spend more money replacing the mistakes or renovating them one more time because of the wrong concepts you’ve had. It is not going to be easy for someone like you to sell your house. Even those with experiences can have a difficult time dealing with this one, especially when you are trying to give a different expectation from them.  

It could be a bit frustrating for Someone Like You not to sell your home in the right manner or at the right price. This is why you have to keep in your mind and always think about the value that you can get from remodeling or renovating your home. If you’re not satisfied now, you have to think deeply about what you can do. You don’t need to hurry when changing some parts of the house as it takes time before you can decide.  

Normally, we have to keep the property and the house excellent. Of course, it’s your responsibility to remove the dust and the dirt or the stain on the floor. But it doesn’t mean that you can only sell your property when it comes to doing these things. Remember that some buyers are thinking about the possible ways to maintain your home if they’re going to get it. So, before you sell your home, you need to consider hiring a professional inspector to see and check the things you are doing in the wrong way.  

There are some people that they’re having a hard time selling their home because of the price. If you think that the price is too high or you’re thinking that it’s not going to be the overall value of your home, then you should avoid it. If you’re selling your house for a couple of years and still no one is interested in buying this one, then there is something wrong with your mindset now. You have to choose some pictures as well that you can use to advertise your home. Make sure that this is going to be appealing and a professional one to look at.